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Where have I been

Hey guys, So as you can probably tell I've kinda neglected this blog for the entire of 2017 pretty much and I have actually missed it more than I thought. Now that school is getting busier and busier I've decided... Continue Reading →



Hey guys, so in my last post I explained to you guys about why I hate being tall, because as 5ft 10 teenager, it was something that affects me, and today I thought I would do a similar kind of... Continue Reading →

I hate being tall!!

hey guys, so before I start I would like to just let you know that this post is going to be very different to my normal posts and may include swearing (I don't know yet if I will but the... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!!!!

Hi guys, happy new year, I can't believe that 2016 is over so quickly, and while it wasn't the best for year for some, I really enjoyed it on a personal level. I know that my blogmas didn't quite go... Continue Reading →

Cheats mince pie recipe!

Hey guys, welcome to blogmas day 8!!!! So if your like me, part of the reason you love Christmas is the food right??? Especially the mince pie's, their like the most incredible dessert in Christmas, and they taste great from... Continue Reading →

Christmas Fashion Staples!!!!!

Hey everyone, welcome to blogmas day 7, so a few weeks ago I did an Autumn fashion staples and you guys seemed to really like it so that's why I am doing another one but this time for Christmas. The... Continue Reading →

Favourite Christmas movies!!!

Hey guys, welcome to blogmas day 6!!!!!!!!!!!! So today I've decided to do a post about my favourite Christmas movies. Before I start I would just like to say that I haven't ever watched elf or How the Grinch stole... Continue Reading →

I’m a celebrity get me out of here-review

Hey everyone, welcome to blogmas day five!!!!!!! I'm so excited for Christmas now, I can barely contain my excitement, but we will have to ¬†hold off of the Christmas posts for today, because as you are about to find out,... Continue Reading →

Festive sleepover tips!!!

Hey guys, welcome to blogmas day 4!!!!!!! Now I don't know about you but whenever we have an excuse, me and my friends like to have a little get together and have a sleepover, and I love hosting them!!! So... Continue Reading →

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