Hey guys, welcome to blogmas day 4!!!!!!! Now I don’t know about you but whenever we have an excuse, me and my friends like to have a little get together and have a sleepover, and I love hosting them!!! So today I’m going to share some of my top tips of how to gave the perfect festive sleepover so you and your friends can get festive together!!!

To start with, make sure that you plan a day in advance because I have learnt the hard way that if you plan a sleepover around Christmas and you don’t give people some notice, chances are they are going to be busy as Christmas is a very busy period. So once you have a date set you can start planning!!!! In the winter we normally sleep in the backroom of my house as I have the box bedroom in my house!! I like to make it super cosy by getting the mattresses down and then lots of blankets, fairy lights, cushions, the lot, because in a sleepover you need to get cosy!!!

Once you’ve laid out your sleeping area, you need a snack station, and this time of year you can get super creative with festive treats. (look out for a post on festive treats because one is coming!!!) I like to buy loads of crisp’s and snacks and put them into bowls just to snack on because let’s face it, all you do at a sleepover is snack on crap!!  Once my friend made tapas but with crisps, sweets and nibbles! You also need to decide on what to eat, but I always go with pizza because who doesn’t like pizza???? (actually if you don’t like pizza there is something wrong with you!!!!!!!! 🙂 )

So food is sorted, now you need music to set the scene, and as it is a festive sleepover you NEED a Christmas playlist, again, I’ll be doing a post soon about it, so make sure you check it out! But spotify has loads of great playlists, so check them out!!

In the evening, you need a film to watch, so make sure you pick out your favourite Christmas film (and guess what, I’ve got a post coming out soon with your favourite Christmas movies, so check it out when it comes out!!!!!) But netflix has some good Christmas movies so check them out!!!!

Now you have the perfect sleepover, let me know in the comments what you do in your sleepover and I’ll see you all tomorrow!!!!

festive hugs and kisses

seasonalteen xxx