hey guys, so before I start I would like to just let you know that this post is going to be very different to my normal posts and may include swearing (I don’t know yet if I will but the chances are pretty high). I’m not feeling great today (emotionally not physically) so I wanted to let off my steam here because then you guys can get the full message of what I want to say, which is something that I’ve wanted to write about for a while.


So, to start of with, I should let you know that I’m 13, a girl and 5ft 10. For some of you this may not seem very tall, I’ve read posts where girls are 6ft +, which is fine, I’m not here to say that being tall is bad, just my experience of it.

I’ve always been kinda tall, my parents are tall, but not until recent years have I been way over average height. I try to convince myself that being tall is fine, that no-one is going to say anything or judge me by it, and by the time I’ve convinced myself, I have to go to school, which is where the comments start. I’m not in any way bullied, but at my school, if you’re slightly different to other people in anyway, they like to nit pick you on it.

“oh my god, you’re so tall!!”                     “oh, I bet you’re like well over 6ft”

“you’re way to tall for your age , did you know that”         “how tall are you, exactly??”

“woooaaaaahhhhhh”(looks you up and down. )     “why are you sooo tall????”


These kind of comments happen on a daily bases more than once. I know that some people are curious and want to genuinley know how tall I am, but they don’t tend to say it in a pleasant way. If someone asks me about how tall I am, and they ask it in a way where they don’t think I’m part of  freak show, then I tell them, even though I hate people knowing, because I don’t want people to think that I’m a horrible person, but it’s still hard when they are the 7th person to ask you that day, and they kind of just push my last button without meaning to. Some people don’t even ask you anything, they just think it will be funny to stand next to me and go on their tipetoes and start laughing. But the one that pisses me off the most is the question: “you’re so tall”, and I’m there like ” naaahhh, I didn’t fucking know,” and I don’t get why people think it is appropriate to ask something like that. For example, you wouldn’t go up to someone and say: “you’re so fat”, so why do people think it’s ok to say the same about height. I’m already insecure about my height, but these girls at school just joke around about it, and they don’t realise that with every step I take forward with liking my height, they throw me back about 20 steps. The other day I decided to keep a tally on hand of every time someone brings my height up, turns out six times. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but for one day, it really is.

The average height for a fully grown female  adult is 5ft 4- 5t6, I’m already way above that and I don’t know if I have anymore to grow. So, you can see why I worry about it, I worry that when I’m older, I won’t have a boyfriend because they won’t want a freakishly tall girlfriend, I worry that I’m always going to stick out like a sore thumb because everyone is so much smaller than me, I worry about the summer because I hate getting my freakishly long legs out in shorts and I worry that through my whole life I’m always going to have to listen to the stupid comments. I know that you’re going o be saying that there are bigger and worse things to be worrying about, but for me it’s quite difficult to deal with and I would happily change it any day. I also have problems with my weight, because I am so tall, I get very hungry all the time as my body needs more energy, so I end up eating quite a lot, and as a result, I also hate my weight. I don’t have an eating disorder, but I have been skipping lunch a couple of times a week recently to make up for the first 13 years of stuffing my mouth.

I could quite literally go on forever, but the message that I’m trying to get across is that a) being tall is not great (soon I may do another post giving you the reasons as to why being tall isn’t all roses and sunshine!!) and b) you should never go up to someone and ask them a question or just make a ‘funny’ remark about themselves because you may not know it but it may just be the thing about themselves that they are the most insecure about. Thankyou for bearing with me on this post, but it’s something that I’ve wanted to address for a while. If you are also insecure about your height, then just remember that you’re not alone, their are tons of women who hated being tall but now they are happy with a job and a family, so don’t stress over that fact of it too much. We are all different in our own unique way, and when that person gives you a horrible comment, just flick them off and don’t react too much to it because chances are they just want to make you feel uncomfortable when in reality they couldn’t care less if you are 5ft 2 or 6ft 2.

In the comments, let me know if their is something that you want to let me know and see if I can offer any advice, I know it’s a sensitive subject but honesty just writing it down here has made me feel tons better. Lot’s of love

seasonalteen xxx

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