Hey guys, so in my last post I explained to you guys about why I hate being tall, because as 5ft 10 teenager, it was something that affects me, and today I thought I would do a similar kind of post seeing as you all liked the first one.

So today I’m going to be talking to you about the word “pretty” and how it can make you feel. How many times have you thought “I wish I was pretty like her”? We all at some point wish that we were different in some way or another, we have all wanted to be pretty.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I often search the internet for things like: pretty girls, or: how to be pretty, because I go through points in my life when I really wish that I looked as good as my sister, or as good as my best friend, I mean who hasn’t, right??? Sometimes I try to convince myself that it’s makeup, and that everyone looks better when they have caked makeup onto their skin, but then my sister walks out of the shower looking wonderful and flawless and you have to take a moment to think, ‘ok, so we can rule makeup out of the possibilities of how we can share dna, but she still looks amazing and I look awful’.

I think that everyone see’s themselves differently to how everyone else see’s them, because you know everything about yourself and they don’t, their constantly looking at you and your not, so you can never truly get the whole picture of how you look to others, and sometimes I wish I could take a day to observe myself as a random person, so that I knew how people see me, I mean I must be doing something right because I have five best friends at school who mean so much to me that I can’t even think of an adjective to describe them well enough, but to the other people who judge me on what they see, not on what they know, I want to know WHAT they see.

The word pretty will mean something completely different to everyone, some may thing o a tall blonde ‘muscly’  girl, others may thing of a small, skinny brunette, but chances are that you don’t think of yourself, because you don’t see yourself as beautiful,  but everyone is beautiful in their own way, and to be able to look in the mirror and think ‘damn girl, you look goooooooooood’ is such an incredible achievement.

To wrap up what I’m trying to say is, know that you are amazing, and we all have weaknesses, your not alone in feeling worthless, your not alone is staying up until 2am thinking why can’t I be pretty, don’t try to change yourself or to make yourself look different to who you really are, and remember that we are all different and if we were all the same the world would be a pretty boring place. Don’t forgeth that no matter how bad you feel, their is someone out their who is in a worse condition than you so count yourself lucky. I hope you are all having a great idea and I promise the next post will be a bit more cheery. Sorry if this was a bit of a ramble, I love you all very much and don’t forget to check out my other posts and leave a link to your blog/social media that you want me to check out.

See y’all soon

seasonalteen xxx