Hey guys, welcome to blogmas day 6!!!!!!!!!!!! So today I’ve decided to do a post about my favourite Christmas movies. Before I start I would just like to say that I haven’t ever watched elf or How the Grinch stole Christmas so they won’t be here.

1: Home alone 1 and 2: I watched these movies a long time ago on the t.v and I loved them, and they are now on Netflix which is great!!! I love these movies so much because they are funny and emotional and they really get you in the Christmas spirit. They are about a family in America that are going away on holiday for Christmas but the youngest son gets left behind. Two robbers are also trying to rob their house, and the little boy has to take them on himself. The second one has the same story line. There is a third one but I haven’t watched it because the cast is different and I don’t think it would be the same.

2: The snowman: Every Christmas eve me and my family would watch this before going out to a party and every year I love it even more. Its a very short movie about a little boy that makes a snowman which comes to life where they go and meet santa. This is such a lovely movie and is also a tradition

3:Arthur Christmas: I first watched this a couple of weeks ago on Netflix and it is honestly just so so amazing!!!! Its all about santa and his elves delivering the presents around the world on Christmas eve, but one child gets forgotten about, and santa’s son, Arthur, is determined to deliver it to her, even though every one else says to just forget about it.

4: The Polar Bear Express: again, this is a film that I’ve watched since I was very little, and it’s another really nice one that I probably know all the words to and I’m sure you’ve all watched it as well but it is about a boy who goes on a train and meets Christmas and Santa gives him a bell and says as long as you believe on me, this bell will ring.

5:Love Actually, this one for those of you that are a bit older but I love it so much, it’s all these different love stories that all come together, this is an English classic so watch it.

Thankyou for reading a leave lots of comments telling me what you’re top movies are

seasonalteen xxx