Hi guys, happy new year, I can’t believe that 2016 is over so quickly, and while it wasn’t the best for year for some, I really enjoyed it on a personal level. I know that my blogmas didn’t quite go to plan (and by that I mean that I only lasted 8 days) and I’m really sorry about that but I found that I wasn’t enjoying writing them, they became more of a chore than something I did for enjoyment. However now that school has started again (internal groaning) I’ve decided to get this blog back up and running with a New Year Post, six days to late, but who’s counting????

This year I’ve made a list of 2017 goals not resolutions, which I’m not going to completely share with you, but I’m going to talk you though a few of my goals and then, maybe at the end of the year, I can go back and see if I have achieved them all.

One: take part in a 5k charity run. This may not seem like a long distance for some of you but just before the new year me and my mum started ‘couch to 5k’, which is an nhs program that is designed to get anyone and everyone to be able to run 5k in nine weeks. I started on week 3 and yesterday we went for week 4 and when I got back I felt so happy and full of energy that I’m really excited to go on another one. I really recommend that you give it a go.

Two: keep to a routine, by this I mean that I want to be able to stay to a routine when I get home from school so that I won’t get too distracted. The thing about me is that I can have something to do, but I get so distracted by the little things that half an hour later I could be doing something completely different.

Three: drink more water, it isn’t that I drink sugary drinks, it’s just that I don’t drink. When I get up I will half a glass of orange juice, and the next drink might be with my dinner, which is really bad, so I’m going to really make a effort to drink more.

So they are my three top goals for 2017, and let’s see what the new year brings. It’s not going to be easy for britain of america but we can still go in with high hopes and trust that everything will be okay, and 2016 wasn’t easy either, we lost some terrific people, including Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Carrie Fisher and her mother, Muhammad Ali, Jo Cox (politician) and many more, but at least they did things to make them proud and they all did great things to this world.

In the comments, let me know what your goals for 2017 are, who you lost, whether you knew them or not, and if you have a blog let me know so that I can follow you and check out your posts.

Have a great weekend.

Lots of love

seasonal teen xxx