Hey everyone, welcome to blogmas day five!!!!!!! I’m so excited for Christmas now, I can barely contain my excitement, but we will have to  hold off of the Christmas posts for today, because as you are about to find out, my fave programme (or one of my fave’s) is I’m a celebrity get me out of here, and as yesterday was the final, I’ve decided that today’s post is going to me a review of it, and if you watched it yesterday, let me know in the comments because I’M SO HAPPPPYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (also, if you want to watch the final and haven’t done so yet, I would probably not read this because their will be a lot of spoilers, but read it afterwards!!)

So, if you don’t know what this programme is, it is a reality t.v show that has been on for the past 16 years, and they take 10 celebrities to Australia, they camp in the jungle, and the public vote for a celebrity to take on a ‘bush tucker trial’, which is where they take on a trial to win food. They normally add in another two celebrities on the Wednesday/Thursday of the first week, and in the last week, the public vote people off, until they have a king/queen of the jungle. It lasts for 3 weeks, and obviously other things happen but that is basically what it is. If you don’t watch it, you should do, so watch it next year!!

This year was a really special year because the camp all got on so well, and if you watched it, you must know what I mean, especially as last year was a very argumentative year, where lady c liked to mix things up a lot, and this year was the complete opposite. The camp was also so funny that I was in stitches for most of the time.

I wasn’t surprised that scarlett was to be honest, I kind of knew from the beginning, she had an aroma of winning around her, she was funny, determined, hard working, but she was mostly just herself. She tried her hardest in all of the trials and this is getting quite deep so I’m going to move on.

Now, Joel, Joel, Joel…………..ohhhhhhhhhhh, was he the lad. He was honestly so funny that if he wasn’t in it, it wouldn’t have been half as bad. Him and ‘mr bush tucker trial’ had the best relationship, and they made me crack up.

So there it is, that’s why this year was so amazing. I loved larry and carol as they were like the mum and dad of the camp, and then there was Scarlett, Jordan, Joel, Adam, Sam, Wayne (I really loved Wayne) Lisa and of course Ola!!!!!

Then  Danny and Martin, now weren’t they the bunch, they did stir things up in camp, but not too much and it was still quiet!

And finally Ant and Dec, the show would not be the same without these two, and they make the show that much more enjoyable!!! Love them lots and lots!!

Thanks a lot for reading, make sure to check in tomorrow and leave lots of comments for me to answer, I promise I will reply to everyone!!!

festive love

seasonalteen xxx