Hey everyone, welcome to blogmas day 7, so a few weeks ago I did an Autumn fashion staples and you guys seemed to really like it so that’s why I am doing another one but this time for Christmas. The list is a bit shorter but check out my previous one anyways!

1: a bobble hat, this can be of any shape/style but I got my one from m and s last year and it is blue with two deer kissing and they are in white (they aren’t real they just look like two animals that have been knitted in white.)

2:  a Christmas jumper, you can get these pretty much anywhere, primark do great ones for a really cheap price.

3: an oversized jumper, my one is grey and from primark which I actually bought in the mens section as I am really tall so the women’s jumpers are too small whereas (slightly embarrassing ) the men’s fit me and they aren’t that oversized.

4: Christmas jewellery, I have a pair of gingerbread earrings that I got from clairs a few years ago and every year I wear them to any party that I go to!!

5:  something red, I have the best shirt/blouse from primark that has long sleeves with ruffles and it hangs loosely but because it is red it means that I can wear it even more this time of year, but honestly I think that anything that you own that is red will look great this time of year.

So there is my Christmas Fashion Staples, let me know what you love to wear this time of year and please re-assure me that I’m not the only one that shops in the mens section (but I am 5 ft 10 so I have an excuse!!!)

I’ll see you tomorrow, leave comments for me to reply to, love you all lots!!!!

seasonalteen xxx