Hey everyone, and welcome to day three of blogmas!!

So, today I’m going to be talking about advent calender’s, now when I was younger the only advent calendar I knew about was chocolate ones, and I still have chocolate ones because you’ll never be able to beat it!! But today there are beauty ones, animal ones, candle ones and of course chocolate ones. I have a lindt one this year and I’m absolutely loving it so far, I’ve always had Thornton’s ones before but I really do love this one this year!!!

So, what is all the fuss about???? Well, I spent a whopping £5 on my advent calendar that lasts 24 days, but I could have spent £150 on a charlotte tilbury one for 12 days. Now I don’t know about you, but I love charlotte tilbury things, but they are so so overpriced!!!!!

If you want to make your own advent calendar then follow these simple steps:

you will need:

One paper plate                                          One sheet of orange paper                                                      One sheet of blue paper                           One black pen                                                                            One split pin                                               One green/red pen

On your paper plate, use the red/green pen to write the numbers one to 25 along the bottom edge, making sure to spread them out a little bit. On the middle of the plate, draw on eyes and a mouth with the black pen. Cut out an orange triangle for the nose and a blue top hat with the blue paper. Pin the nose in the middle of the plate, this then moves around the numbers on the plate and you can count down the numbers from 25 ’till one !!!! The advent calendar should look like a snow man!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure to come in tomorrow for more festive fun!!!

sending happy christmas wishes

seasonalteen xxx