Hey everyone and welcome to day two of blogmas!!!!!

Today I am going to give you a list of fun things that you can do in the run up to Christmas and I hope it gives you some inspiration!!!!!

1: plan a day in which you are going to decorate your tree with your family, wrap presents for friends with your family and watch a Christmas film, either in the cinema or at home (for those of you with Netflix, I really recommend Home Alone and Arthur Christmas, which are both on it, I watched Arthur Christmas for the first time today and I love it !!!!) Basically, plan a really festive day in the run up to Christmas with your family!!

2: Go to a Christmas market, I always go to the south-bank one which in=s in London and it is great, again I recommend this one, but wherever you live I’m sure their are great markets close to you, and they really put you in the mood for Christmas.

3: get some oranges, stick cloves in them and put them around the house to make your house smell really nice without having to spend loads of money on a scented candle, which is also a bit dangerous if you have young children in the house. I’ve done this a few times and it honestly makes the room smell so good and its really cheap!!!

4:Make your own Christmas tree decorations-with your younger siblings or children if you have them, you can get some clay and let them design it into a simple shape like a Christmas tree or a snowman (if you want to do this yourself and you are very creative, then you can go a bit more complicated with your design, but for young children keep it simple). Once you have designed it, bake it in the oven until it has set if you have the right kind of clay, or just leave it to set for a day or more, and when it has hardened, you can paint it if you want and and decorate it. Make whole in the top of it and thread some ribbon in it, and voila!!! You have made your own Christmas tree decoration!!! Me and my sister did this when we were younger, and my mum still puts them up now!

5: go to light opening ceremony thingy, in most places the shopping centers always have a Christmas light opening, where they turn on the lights in the town. Last year, where I live, the town asked me and my brass band (yes I play a brass instrument, don’t judge, I love it !!!) to play as they marched through the town and when they turned on the lights, and it was great (cold but great!!)

Thankyou so much for reading, leave a comment letting me know if you try any of these out, and if you want me to check out any of your blogs!!! I’ll see you all tomorrow with another festive post!!!!! Make sure you are subscribed to my instagram so you know when I’m going to upload!!!

lots of festive love

seasonalteen xxx