Hey guys, so it’s officially less than one month until Christmas, and I’m so so excited. It is definitely my favourite time of the year and I love the run up  to it. Now today I went shopping with my mum, and it was that time of the year to get advent calender’s again, and trust me you are never too old to have one, especially a chocolate one. I got a Lindt one and I was so happy with it!!!! As we were in town we decided to do some Christmas shopping for my cousins and that is when I discovered the most amazing Christmas scent ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! (also I would just like to point out that I would never do sponsor and I promise this isn’t one!)

We went into the body shop to get my cousin a present, and as my mum was looking for the perfect scent so we knew which box set to get her, I went looking to find the green tea tester scent as this was my favourite scent in their (along side the mojito one.) As I was looking I found another scent called spiced apple. Know, woww!!!! was this incredible. Now I love anything cinnamon/ginger spice especially around this time of year, and this scent was just perfect. Almost like in pretty little liars when CeCe drake makes Alison the personalized perfume for Christmas, it was like someone made that for me and then sold it in body shop.


(before I start on describing the scent I would like to say that I am bloody awful at describing smells, so sorry in advance 🙂 ) It pretty much describes the smell in the name, it has a very fresh note of apple, but also has a warm and christmassy note of cinnamon in. You really have to smell it yourself to get the full picture, and I can’t put into words how amazing it is. This will definitely be my Christmas scent for parties, school and shopping!! I bought the perfume, but there is a whole range of different things in the collection, scrubs, lotions, lip balms, there’s definitely something for everyone! Make sure you check it out, and if you don’t live in England let me know if you have a body shop wherever you live, and if you do love in England, let me know your top three favourite scents.

Before I sign of, don’t forget blogmas starts THIS THURSDAY AND I CAN’T WAIT EVEN THOUGH I’M TERRIFIED THAT I MAY FORGET TO UPLOAD ON ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!! But seriously though, I will try my absolute hardest to upload everyday. I have all my days filled with a good post and I’m going to write a few in advance tomorrow!! Please make sure to check it out, it will make me really happy and make sure to always comment and if you came from Instagram, you know what comment to leave!!!!!!

love you all soooooo much

seasonalteen xxx