hey guys, so you all know that I recently did a post about my love for English. I really enjoyed sharing my love for something, and I wanted to do it again with something else that I love from school, and my next favourite subject is History. (I actually just had a crazy idea to start a whole serious of My love for… Let me know in the comments if that sounds like a good idea or not. ) My mum studied History at uni, so I think that’s where my love of it came from. Something about learning about the past is so interesting.

Now, don’t get me wrong, some parts of history are just so, so boring, like the Romans, for example. How am I supposed to understand something that happened in bc. No, I actually love the more recent history, like ww1, ww2, suffragettes, that is the best part in history. I love it so much because I know for 100% that it actually happened, and it wasn’t something that we have just interpreted from some stone sculptures.

At school, we are studying world war 1 (as I write this I actually have a test for it tomorrow so wish me luck 🙂 ) and ww1 is something that I have really enjoyed learning about because its something that has happened in the last 100%ish years, and we have hard evidence of it. We can relate to it easier than the romans because it was so recent but also its interesting how different they saw things compared to now. Women definitely didn’t have the same rights as men which we saw through the suffragette movement.

I understand that some people just don’t understand how history is going to help us in life, but it really does. For example (and I know I’m going to hit some sore spots here so sorry in advance) we know what happened with hitler, and we know how stop it if someone else were to try it (*cough* donald trump* cough*) so we know how stop another world war. We can also understand why things happened in History, but also its just so interesting.


Let me know if you Love history just as much as me, and if you want me to carry on this series! see you all soon

seasonalteen xxx

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