Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well!!! As I am writing this, Christmas is just starting to begin where I live, the Christmas adverts are coming on tv, (and the john lewis advert is so funny this year, make sure you watch it!!!) the shops are decorated out for christmas, and even a few houses have got their christmas lights up. Now I love Christmas so much, it is my favourite time of the year and it always has been. My friends always you to say that they prefered their Birthday to Christmas, but I would always say that I loved Christmas more because everyone got to celebrate the day together! And in recent years I have loved buying presents for other people so much and I love seeing their reaction when they receive the present because you know that you put a lot of hard work into it to mke it special to them! But anyways, I could go on about my love for christmas for hours, so I’ll just get on with today’s post.

I was scrolling through pinterest to get some autumn/winter inspiration, and I came across a winter ’50 things to do’ list. Now normally I would just prefer to print the list of and do all things on it because it just seems so perfect, but a few of the things that were on it I knew would be impossible. For example: skiing/snowboarding. In the u.k, we don’t get a lot of snow these days, and when we do it really isn’t anything special, so even though I used to love taking a sleigh down to my local park and fail to slide down the hill, it really isn’t an option anymore. A few of my friends from school are going on a ski trip soon, but I decided not to go on it, it was 1000 pounds plus all things that you would need for the skiing, and it hasn’t really been something that I’ve been dying to do. (I keep getting off topic for no apparent reason today, let’s try to stay on topic this time !:) )

There were lots of other things that were on the list that I knew weren’t accomplish-able (is that even a word?????)  so I thought that it would be a much better idea to create my own list of 15 things to do through autumn and winter, and everytime I tick one of the list, I’ll try to write it down here. (I might do two in one post or not do them all because they may be a bit boring, but let me know what you want in the comments!!!!)

Here we go:

1: toast marshmallows on a fire with friends and family!!-My familt actually have a fire pit but we rarely use it and I have to persuade my family to use it but know that it is getting colder I think that there will be lots of opportunities to do this!!!

2: learn a new piece of music on my piano-I am going to try and learn the piece ‘comptine d’un autre ete, please go and listen to this on youtube, it is so special, music means something very important to me, I’ve never talked about it because I can’t really explain it, it is just a part of me.

3: complete blogmas-If you want to hear more about this then you can check it out, I did another post about it so make sure you read it.

4: spend a rainy day watching movies and films-around this time of year, on a sunday when the weather isn’t great, me and my mum would always snuggle under a blanket on the sofa with the fire on and hot drinks in our hands, and watch film (most likely harry potter) and still to this day we do that and I ABSOLUTELY love them.

5:show 10 people how much I care about them-slightly more of a cringy one, but around this time of year, it is so important that you can share how much you love someone, and I’m not talking about boyfriends/girlfriends, I’m talking about friends, parents, siblings, that girl in your class who hates herself so much but you can only see good in her.

6: create 5 go-to festive wardrobe outfits-it so much easier when you are in a rush to go out and you know you have an outfit that is ready to go, I am going to try and create a party outfit, a warm and cosy one, and a ‘going to town’ one.

7: go christmas shopping in London-I live quite close to London, and I really love going in to London on a cold yet crisp day and buying presents for all my friends and family, especially if it starts snowing.

8: take 5 christmasy shops-I really like taking photos, I don’t take many and I’m not incredible at it but never the less I still really enjoy taking photos.

9:learn 2 new hairstyle-to understand my hair read my most recent post, but in a nutshell, my hair is a nightmare, so I hope I can learn a few new hairstyles to make the mornings that bit easier.

10: make the most incredible pinata cake for my sisters 18th-I really love baking and I want to make my sisters 18th something really special.

11:pick/decorate the perfect christmas tree-it is one of the best things to do in the run up to christmas, and I love making sure that we have got the perfect tree, my family all do it together.

12:stay in pj’s all day-crazy, I know, but it’s something that everyone needs to do once in a while.

13:  make a really good list of new year resolutions-these resolutions definitely help me to have a clean slate and to have a great start to the year, I don’t really include the whole ‘less sugar’ resolutions because I know that it will never become achieved.

14: go Ice skating-near where I live their is a really great ice skating rink and me and my friends always make plans to go their.

15: make a gingerbread house-one of the most exciting one,  I made one last year for christmas, and I really want to do another.

Thankyou for listening, and comment down below your list of 15 to-do lists, and I will see you all on Thursday.

seasonal teen xxx

p.s: comment below if you are watching i a c g m o o h