(before I start, I would like to explain why, I didn’t upload yesterday, I was having a pretty crappy day and that was affecting my blog, the last thing that I want to is upload something negative to this blog. Sorry again, but anyways please bare with me and COMMENT please it would honestly be so nice to get some feedback!!!)


Hey guys, so as a teenager, I know that our age group is addicted to social media, and I am guilty of this, for sure. Recently, I’ve had a lot more school work, and this week I already have at least four exams coming up and I know that soon I need to start getting a lot more serious with school work. In the first week back at school, I had a silent rule with myself that after 9:30, I would turn my phone/tablet/laptop off, and try to read a book before bed. I did this downstairs where my family were watching t.v, but as I am a complete book worm, the t.v didn’t distract me, but if it did, I would read in bed for half an hour.

Although, as the school term got deeper and deeper in, I started to abandon this plan, but when I did actually do it, I could really tell a difference with my sleep. And then I realized that I actually missed my mini internet detox, and although I love my social media, I knew what was better for me.

So this week, I decided to take my internet detox even further, and I didn’t turn my phone on until I was completely ready for school (which was generally between 7:20 and 7:30) and when I went to school, I obviously didn’t have it turned it on, and when I got home, I would make sure that all my work was done until I went on my phone, or used the Internet for anything that wasn’t school related (i.e going on pinterest, netflix, instagram, youtube ect). I wanted to make this my little project and to see if I could carry it on. Obviously I turned on my phone when I got home in case someone called me.

This plan has so far been really great, when I wake up, I feel really great and I feel like I have had a really great sleep and this is purely because I wasn’t addicted to a screen just before bed.

I would really recommend that you try this just for one week , because believe me you will see a really good difference in your life. Your school work will improve because your sleep will be better, and your brain will not be constantly craving the internet. Personally, I loved waking up without the feeling of guilt because I stayed up till the early hours of the morning on my phone. I liked waking up and feeling good about the day before I even have had my breakfast.

If you try this then please let me know in the comments and tell me if your internet detox was successful, I know it might sound insane, but please trust me that you will love it.

Love you all lots and lots

seasonal teen