Happy firework night  everyone!!! Now that Halloween is over, the next thing to celebrate is firework night, and the day that I post this just so happens to be firework night!! Before I start this post I just want to remind everyone that while you are partying and having fun, please remember to be safe, fireworks can be very dangerous and I don’t want any of you to get hurt in anyway.

Originally me and my family were going to the ally pally firework display, but we decided to just celebrate it our own special way by having a barbeque (yes, I know, in November!!) and toasting marshmallows on our firepit and maybe if I can convince my mum we could get some sparklers!!! This obviously isn’t a huge way of celebrating it, but it is our way of celebrating as a family and I’m so excited.

I find it amazing how a man that wanted such awful things to happen to England has ended up making a very happy night. If you aren’t aware what bonfire/firework night is, it originally came from a terrorist named Guy Fawkes, that tried to blow up the houses of parliament (the place in Britain where all political things happen), however he was caught and was sent to torture. The things that they did to him were so gruesome that I can’t even write them down. From this night, the fifth of  November is now celebrated by bonfire’s and fireworks.

When I was younger me and my family would always buy sparklers and light them in our garden, and one year me and my mum were in our loft running between windows to watch other people’s firework display. This soon ended when I ran straight into the ceiling because they were slanted and didn’t stop crying for 10 minutes. One year, one of my dad’s friends had a big party with lots of friends and we all bought fireworks and we lit them with the end of someones cigarette because they didn’t have the bright idea to get their lighter. This was probably the biggest thing that I have ever been to on Bonfire night, but year we are taking it back to oldschool. sparklers

I hope you enjoyed this post, it is a bit different to anything I have done before, and I hope you have a great night, whether you are going to a display, going to a friends house, lighting sparklers in your garden, or if you aren’t even celebrating it, have fun and stay safe!

seasonal teen xxx