Hi everyone, I hope that you all had a great Halloween, and today I am going to be posting about my love for English, and to try and to get you to love it just as much as me.

My favourite subjects in school are English, History and Geography, which are all humanities. They really interest me because you don’t need to be super super smart to understand them. In English you can interpret things the way that you want to, and people can say things without actually having to put it in words.

I also really like writing poems and short stories, although I would never share them with anyone, I even hate giving my English book to my English teacher, but anyways…. I love reading books as well, it is sometimes not a great thing as I will always prioritize the book I am reading to the work that I have a deadline for. However the feeling of staying up until a silly hour in the morning just to finish a book is so special and I love it, even if I am struggling to stay awake the next day but hey, what do you think coffee  was made for.


If you don’t enjoy reading then try reading divergent, I have just finished it and I really couldn’t put it down, and then I really enjoyed watching the movie afterwards. Let me know in the comments what your relationship with reading is and what books you like to read. I hope you enjoyed the post from comic con, it was really special. See you on Saturday

seasonal teen xxx

p.s sorry this went up day late, I had so much work yesterday that I started at 3:35pm and finished at 8:00pm, and I completely forgot to upload, Sorry 😦