Hi everyone, I hope your all having a really good Halloween. So yesterday me, my sister and our friends all went to comic con in the excel by London. It was the first year that I was going but probably my sisters last one as she is off to uni next year. My sister has been for the past five years and every year she loves it, so this year I begged to come along and she actually said yes!

When we first got there it was very overwhelming as their were to huge rooms that were full of people and stools. (I’m not a people person o.k!) I went round with my sister and her friends first, just so that we knew what we were doing, and then me and my friend went round together on our own. We dressed up as two gryffindors,  even though I am ravenclaw and she is huffflepuff. The costumes there were honestly out of this world guys, people really went to town with this.

If you aren’t aware what comic con is, then you must be living under a freaking rock, (joking!!!) but it is basically a convention of all things nerd and geeky, harry potter, star wars, marvels, comics etc. There are tons of stalls that sell a wide range of different things, such as jewelry, posters, t-shirts, manga, Japanese treats. I don’t want to give too much away and spoil the experience for you guys, so I didn’t upload any pictures. I really recommend that if you go, don’t feel shy about the costume you wear, I can assure you that there will be a more ‘out there’ costume.


I really had a great time and if any of you went as well let me know when and what you costume you wore. I went to the London convention as it was the closest to me, and I also went on the Sunday. I hope you all enjoyed this post, come back on Thursday for another post. Sorry this was one was uploaded slightly later than usual. leave lots of comments below and I will reply to them all. Lots of love,

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