Hi everyone, as you all know, Halloween is a great time of year, but in the u.k we don’t celebrate it as much as people do in the states. So we have to bring Halloween to us, and I don’t like going trick or treating, so i love to celebrate Halloween by carving pumpkins! You can buy pumpkins in most supermarkets this time of year, but you have to be quick before they all sell out.

Today I am going to tell you the best tricks for carving pumpkins for all those beginners out there. You won’t need to buy any fancy pumpkin carving equipment if you follow my easy steps. I already had all of these things in my house, as I am sure most of you do, and if not, then just buy cheap ones from poundland.

so, lets get on!

You will need:

one sharp knife

one small screw driver

one large spoon

one pumpkin template of your choice

one perfect pumpkin

Image result for pumpkin face templates

(the template above is the one that I used)


1: cut out a a shape in the top of your pumpkin as a lid, making sure that the angle of the knife is slanted so that the lid will stay sitting on top of the pumpkin when you are done.

2: scoop out all the gunk from inside your pumpkin using your large spoon. You may need to use your hands to pull the stringy stuff from inside the pumpkin. (you can save the inside’s for pumpkin pie if you which but I just through mine away).

3: to get the shape of your chosen face onto the pumpkin, you can either print of a template and stick it onto the pumpkin, or do what I did and just draw it straight on with a sharpie.

4: using a small screwdriver, punch small holes close together around the outline of your shape, this will help with curves. Then, taking your sharp knife (and if your clumsy like me make sure you have adult supervision, trust me you don’t want to have a knife sticking through your stomach!!!) start cutting out your shapes, the holes will make it really easy!

5: once your desired shape has been carefully cut out from your pumpkin, you can light a small tea light and place it though your lid, then turn of the lights and voilá! There you have the best carved pumpkin! If you want your pumpkin to last longer and not to rot, cover the edges with Vaseline, i haven’t done this but if you want the pumpkins to last long, then this is the trick!


remember: less is more, sometimes simple designs will look more effective.

I hope that you enjoyed the first d.i.y, let me know if you want more posts like this! show me your pumpkins on the comments, I would love to see how creative you can all get.

Thankyou for reading, make sure you tune in on Monday for a post on my trip to comic con!

lots of love

seasonal teen xxx