I know that I’m not scheduled for a post today, but i had to upload a post on this. If you watch the bakeoff, you will know that today was the final, and they revealed the winner of the last series on bbc 1, as it will now move to channel four i believe (feel free to correct me if i am wrong but i know that it has definitely moved channels.) This makes me very sad as the bake off is one of my favourite shows, and it will always have a special place in my heart, it is also one of the reasons why I love baking so much.

(spoiler alert) Candice won this series and this was what I had predicted since the beginning of season 1, something about her just made me think that it was her that would do well and maybe even win. As I grew to know the bakers, I had my favourites, including Benjamina and Selasi, as they were the most fun, calming and they both had a relationship together.

When they both left, i seriously started to debate whether it was worth watching, but i thought “no, i must see it through till the end!!” I couldn’t decide on who I wanted to win, but I really liked how Andrew was so inventive with his ideas. Jane was a very traditional baker, and Candice went by the saying “go big or go home.”


In the end, I think Candice was the best of the three finalist, but what do you think. Who do you think should’ve won the bakeoff??? Let me know in the comments. Also, I have just started an instagram for this blog, seasonal_teen. Follow me for sneak peaks of up coming blogs, and I will follow you back if you want me to.

Have a wonderful day and make sure to check in tomorrow for a post on carving pumpkins. See you soon

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