Hi everyone, I decided to start this blog because I like to think of it as my own little space on the internet where I can jot down all my thoughts and ideas, and maybe even help some people out if they are having a tough time. I’ve called this blog seasonal teen because i feel like it sums me up pretty well. I love all the different seasons in the year a get so excited when each one begins, but also because I am not perfect, just like the seasons. In summer it gets to hot, in winter it gets too cold, in autumn its Halloween and fireworks night which can be very dangerous and spring changes a lot which can be seen as very annoying.

I know that i’m not perfect, but no-one will ever see themselves as perfect because they can easily pick out the flaws is themselves, and jealousy will always get the better of some people. This blog will help other people to accept who they are and hopefully we can all become stronger people.

This blog won’t just be me writing down my thoughts about something though, i will be uploading baking recipes, d.i.y’s, t.v show opinions and fashion/beauty posts.

I would really appreciate it if you leave comments down below and i will be sure to read it and answer any questions. having said this hate isn’t needed and if you don’t like something either word it nicely or don’t say anything. If you want me to check out your blog leave a link in the comments and i will also check that out.

I am planning on uploading on a Monday, Thursday and Saturday, but no promises are made, school work usually manages to get in the way of things.

have a beautiful day,

seasonal teen xxx