As i previously said, i am going to give you a few posts about my opinions on t.v shows, and this is the first one.

I started watching Pretty Little Liars (PLL) about a year ago, and i caught up to date a while ago, and i am now waiting for season 7b to start, the wait is seriously killing me! I have got my best friend into watching it and we have just had a sleepover together and we watched quite a lot of PLL because she hasn’t caught up to date yet.

My personality is most like Spencer’s and second most like Aria’s (although i would NEVER date a teacher!) as i like to be organized and always do my homework, but i am a bit more laid back and i LOVE English so much! Something about getting lost into writing your own words or reading between the lines in a poem is just so relaxing and interesting. My friend is most like Hanna and we now ship #team Spanna, (no not like the tool used for fixing things with).besties

If you haven’t watched it before then first you haven’t lived yet (joking:)) and secondly it is basically an american t.v show based around the lives of four teenage girls,Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna, when one of their best friends goes missing and is found dead. they then start getting threatening messages from ‘a’ . the story is about them trying to save there lives and find out who ‘a’ is.

I love mysteries and this was perfect, however it does a few dodgy scenes if you are quite young, the age rating is 12. The reason that i loved it so much is because the suspense of who is really doing all these things is so exciting, and the friendship between all of the liars is just so cute, and as it is set in the age of teenagers, it is kinda relate-able!

Let me know in the comments which liar you are, i want to know how many more Spencer’s there are! Also, let me know if you watch it and what season you are up to, or if you haven’t started watching it yet.

hugs and kisses  -A (JOKING!!!!!)

Seasonal teen.

p.s, how funny is this meme!ctrla