It has been autumn for a while in the u.k now, and it has definitely started to make its mark, and autumn, is definitely a great time in the year, and here are few reasons why:

colder/shorter days

wrapping up warm

baths in the evenings

lighting candles around the house

big mugs of tea/coffee/hot-chocolate/any hot drink

leaves on the trees turning orange


fashion is just generally better

Bonfire night

marshmallows on hot chocolate

cosy socks are finally allowed

 all the good t.v shows are in full swing

baking becomes much better




these are just a few reasons for why i love Autumn, and i am sure that i could carry on forever, but i decided to just limit it to these few reasons. Autumn just gives me a really good sense of cosiness that you can’t really get any other time of the year, and it is also in the run up to Christmas which really is THE best time of the year. If you want me to, i can do another post like this for Christmas in December, let me know.

If you love autumn just as much as me then say so in the comments and if you don’t say why not. Thank you so much for reading ad supporting, lots of love

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